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Signpainter hand painting house name in black paint on wooden panel

About us 

The Chalkman signwriter standing in front of hand painted selfie wall mural for event

In a world saturated by the digital, hand painted signs add charm and interest. A hand designed and painted sign guarantees an original solution. Get in touch today; with fresh new looks, show case your business and point of sale offers with unique style and professional clarity.

We understand how important good signage is to your brand and strive to give you just that. Our wide skillset mean we can carry out all your signage needs on a project.


We can provide you with;

  • Fascias/shop signs

  • Internal signage

  • House numbers and names 

  • Gilding/gold leaf

  • Wall Murals

  • A boards/Chalkboards

  • Vinyl lettering and masks

  • Window splashes 

  • Graphic Design 


THE CHALKMAN SIGNWRITERS is a by-hand sign painting company located in London.


We aim to facilitate an enriched engagement between your business and people.

Freya will be your first point of contact for your project. She has a First Class Degree in fine art, and with great sensibility will find the best solution for your designs. She also will make sure your job can be completed at the most convenient time.

We have great communication skills and can send mockups and designs to aid in the most practical way visualisation of your project.

Oliver Has been working 12 years as a full time signwriter after having completed a 3 year apprenticeship in Australia; He will be working out how best to undertake your job and seeing you onsite to complete your work.


We have access to a wider network of signpainters and other specialist artists and are able to undertake larger projects and short notice projects.

The Chalkman signwriter, Oliver Miller, painting a sign
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